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tHe StOrY


In the early days wizards roamed this world and others, experimenting wildly and laughing at imaginary creatures
and colors from beyond. The echoes of this can still be heard in our time and sometimes in the same dimensions.


 As it was, Dr Chem found himself strolling along the streets of Stockholm with an odd piece of music chewing at his mind. Being a bass player he suddenly realized that the strange sounds that surrounded the music actually could be heard from beneath the walkway. Dr Chem went down the ancient stairs that was magically hidden behind a shop of Persian rugs and found a dark lord chained to a mythical great instrument. The artifact transmitted the sounds to travelers, in the ways of the wizards and that´s what the music is all about. After staring each other in the eyes for a while they decided to tune in and drop out on a quest to make the odd musical piece complete. Since Dome had heard of a wizard´s tower they decided to go that way.


 Along came Necropolis. Sitting on a cornflake in a pet cemetery, trying to build a temple out of bird bones as he was hitting an old slab very hard - but with the love of a white rabbit. He was meant to join the quest. Well on their way to the old tower they stumbled on to a crazy place. All hours, and more, a minstrel in deep trance played a stringed, japanese beast. He was eternally doomed by a magnetic pasha to play the most popular songs for the day. An evil curse indeed. But the language of the fingers were true to the song and the three friends had to break the spell that held the helpless man. After consulting some underground friends, Necropolis had the solution: blow bubbles at the pasha and he will absolve! Dreamed and done, Sloth joined and they headed along towards the tower.


 After an eccentric party on an airplane with a coven of pink and peculiar dudes the
fab four finally reached the roof top on the wizard´s tower and they all fell asleep.

 -“This is the end, my only friends”, said the wizard to the seekers of the oddest piece of music
in the worlds. But suddenly they found themselves hanging in rainbow colored chains.

 -“I am Shedd Sun – and you are now my slaves. And you shall help me to deliver a
message to the people of today. That their reality is about to fade away and a wizard is fading in!”



tHe BaNd